Information on Teacher Trainers’ Training “Early Childhood Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports”

16 tháng 10/2022

On October 12th, 2022, the National Center for Special Education (NCSE) in collaboration with the Project Organization Vietnam (PVF) organized the 4th training session with the theme "Procedures for Responding to Challenging Behaviors”. The training session emphasized the use of the ABC model in challenging behavior interventions for young children.











Design supportive environments using antecedent strategies promoting a positive, predictable, and safe school climate for ALL students.


Teach skills supporting a positive and safe school climate for ALL students.


Provide specific performance feedback and continuum of positive reinforcements that intrinsically motivate ALL students to engage in socially appropriate behaviors.


The ABC challenging behavioral intervention model


Ms. Cristy Clouse is presenting a challenging behavior intervention model – ABC

The training session had the participation of 15 attendents who are researchers, lecturers, teachers, parents of the National Center for Special Education, the National Teachers Training College and the Center of Inclusive Education Development Support. The goal of today's training session is:

  1. To distinguish between social-emotional behaviors that are developmentally normative and those needing further examination and support.
  2. To develop policies and procedures the provide support to staff to address challenging behaviors.


After this training session, the leadership group and the trainer group of the National Center for Special Education will meet to implement the contents shared by the two American lecturers and will be applied right at the Experimental Education Science, National Center for Special Education.


This session is really interesting and useful for us. We also look forward to the coming sessions, in which we will continue to get up-to-date and worthwhile knowledge from American experts in Early childhood positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.

Dr. Mai Thi Phuong

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